Getting Help

Get in touch with people who know your model

 As a member, when you need an answer to a question about your particular Rover model or need to locate parts for it, the members listed below will be pleased to give you whatever assistance they can.

Model                            Contact                            Phone number

P4                           Robert Johnson               3286 1956

P5                           John Lowe                      3357 2651

P5B                         Max Thorne                     0414 601 950

P6                           Frank Thorndike               5545 2247

P6B                         Alan Caine                      3399 1486

SD1                         Craig Barraud                  3265 2133                                                         (Business Hours only)

800 series                Craig Barraud                  3265 2133                                                         (Business Hours)

Rover 75                  Ross McCormack              3353 3716

Land Rover / Range Rover          Craig Barraud                  3265 2133

    (Business Hours)

 We have a comprehensive library of workshop and parts  manuals, as well as general books about Rovers.

 We also have a limited supply of parts, recovered from  various models, for sale to members.